Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.4.1 (Unlimited Gems, Black Pearls)

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK v3.4.1 (Unlimited Gems, Black Pearls)

Bird action game!

Android Android Casual
Name Angry Birds 2
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Genre Casual
Size Updated: 19 September 2022
Version 3.4.1
Update 19 September 2022
MOD Unlimited Money, Unlimited Energy
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Angry Birds 2 is the most famous version in the Angry Birds 2 series of publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Mod Version 3.4.1
Total installs n/a
  • MENU Mod
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Life
  • Score Multiplier
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Added Ads
  • Infinite energy (not spent on use);
  • After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, in which you can make diamonds and pearls endless (they can be banned for active use).

Whats New

Minor bug fixes. Bugs: the only thing that (almost) makes us angrier than the piggies.

Not just Angry Birds 2 Mod, unlimited gems series, Rovio Entertainment Corporation also created more challenging games like Bad Piggies, Sugar Blast, Small Town Murders, Battle Bay, and Fruit Nibblers, all of which have millions of Android downloads.

It’s an industry-changing entertainment media company and creator of the number 1 downloaded app of all time, the Angry Birds series.

The powerful birds are back, with new features and characters in the game Angry Birds 2.

The old part is still the most important, but there are also many new things to enjoy about the new game.

If you love shooting games with coordinates, this is the game that everyone recommends to others.

Determine the locations of the green pigs that are the most valuable and destroy, and crush them.


A big blue pig broke into a flock of birds’ nests, stole their eggs, and flew away. These are the first skirmishes in a war that is brewing between the blue pig family and the mad birds. The blue pigs don’t only steal the eggs, but they imprison the birds, too. Angry birds will defeat blue pigs, and a bird called Red must find a way to get the key to free his friends.

Angry Birds 2 3

With this new version, you will need to team up with your friends, forming a block to destroy enemy constructions. Drag your slingshot and adjust the coordinates for your bird to hit the target. You’ll experience new gameplay modes in this new version, which allow you to control more characters in the game.

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The new birds in Angry Birds 2 include Red, Chuck, Blue, Bomb, and Silver, especially a completely new bird, Silver. A hawk, that is a fierce hunter with a unique fighting ability to twist and turn in the air, powerful attack force that worries for the blue pigs army.


Each bird has its own fighting ability and its own attack power, and you need to choose the one that most suits your fighting style.

Angry Birds 2 4

To kill a bird you choose it first, then take it to the slingshot, and then shoot it in the direction of the blue pig.

Accurately adjust the direction. Give reasonable tactics like knocking down the main pillars and wooden bars to also knock them down. In addition, a secondary factor that affects the flight path is the wind.

There’s a good chance that if you see the green pigs in your house, they are just in the process of being crushed under falling slats.

In Angry Birds 2, wind propellers will deflect the birds’ flight, and you will be blown away when mysterious doors deflect the birds’ flight.

In addition, the strange petals will hinder you a lot when they can suck and release the crazy birds that are rushing.


After you play the simplest levels, you will progress to more difficult levels with the blue pigs and the stronger their prison construction. The difficulty will increase slowly as you conquer many different levels. Every now and then the game will update new levels to meet players’ sniper desires.

If you encounter tough obstacles to overcome, you can use your money to buy magic or give your character more lives to increase your fighting ability.

You can freeze all green pigs with the cold wind or dismember them with chili peppers.

You can also get advanced weapons to destroy the works of the green pigs.

You’ll definitely be excited when you finally beat the Boss Pig.

If you want to make the boss look stupid you just need to send your clients crazy birds, so that boss can make a fool of himself in front of them.

Aim accurately and correctly predict the bird’s flight path so you can overcome the obstacles that daily life puts in your way.

Angry Birds 2 5


It’s easy to increase the destructive power of your birds by leveling them up with new feathers. Buying new outfits will increase your bird’s ability to defend itself, and you will get higher scores.

Create bird warriors that can explode all enemy positions. It’s not only fun to play alone, but you can also join a team and play against other people to beat the blue pig faster. If you don’t like to play with teammates but prefer to compete with other players, send your birds to the fierce arena.Get ready to aim accurately to compete with many other players in the game.

How you can earn money in Angry Birds 2 is to get noticed for attracting attention to Bootcamp.

You need to collect feather hats or funny shapes to give your bird a unique fashion style, because players want to increase the beauty of their bird. There has been a change in the form and content of Angry Birds 2. The images are designed in a way that makes the players feel like they are watching a real cartoon. Today is the day to start your journey to rescue birds from cages and bring back their eggs.


Excluding the category of birds and challenges, you can also use add-ons like TNT, powered slingshot, sling scope, power seeds, homing bird, space egg, flack of birds, mighty falcon, and much more to enhance your shots and crush a large number of piggies in a single breath.

Moreover, you can also use exclusive add-ons like pig puffer, space wingman, mighty eagle, and double score for enriching the experience.

There are two ways to avoid this situation. One is to get the game coins through various methods, and the other is to buy the in-game items through our application. With the help of this app, both these methods are extremely simple.


The Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk allows you to download all the add-ons already unlocked free of charge in the game. You don’t need to collect the stars to unlock the exclusive add-ons. You also have the option to use the infinite virtual money inside the Angry Birds 2 MOD APK for enjoying the most delightful experience.

It’ll give you everything you need to make yourself into a rich person, including lots of coins, gems, and black pearls.

How do you get unlimited birds in Angry Birds 2?

You can download the mod apk version of angry birds 2.

How do you avoid pigs in Tower of Fortune?

To avoid this risk, the player can exit the tower at any time on any floor with all of their loot.

Who is strongest angry bird?

The Mighty Eagle is the most powerful bird in the Angry Birds series.

Final Touch

Angry Birds 2 is the legend of the Android platform. There are daily millions of active users but the only problem is the shortage of features and lack of resources.

This game is awesome!! Just play it, and have lots of fun!

Download (Updated: 19 September 2022)

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