GTA Vice City v1.12 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

GTA Vice City v1.12 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Welcome back to Vice City. Welcome back to the 1980s.

Android Android Arcade
Name Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Arcade
Size n/a
Version 1.12
Update 21 August 2022
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the most famous version in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City series of publisher Rockstar Games
Mod Version 1.12
Total installs n/a
  • 2nd slot – the game is 100% complete;
  • 3rd slot – Start the game with a lot of money
  • 4th slot – all available side quests have been completed, but the storyline is not yet complete
  • 5th slot – complete a mission with a helicopter.
  • Unlimited Money

Whats New

• Improved compatibility on recent versions of Android OS and Pixel devices • Added 64-bit Support • Fixed an issue that resulted in saves from versions prior to 1.10 being incompatible - Please Note: As a result of the above fix, saves from version 1.10 are no longer compatible

Greetings from GTA Vice City Mod Money Apk and greetings from the 80s. A tale of one man’s ascent to the top of the criminal food chain emerged from a decade of big hair, excess, and pastel suits.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City offers a great childhood experience that allows players to relive their memories. It features a unique storyline with a great sense of freedom and excitement. In this game you’ll not be disappointed because you’ll have lots of fun.


The new trend of fashion flow has had many positive changes since the 1980s. The fashion trend of that time was created because of that breakthrough. New trends have also begun to develop unimaginably, not only stopping there. It’s like giving people a completely new page and leaving a lot of good impressions.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 11

Changing from lifestyle to unique fashion sense will be an exciting hit in this new decades. It will make our whole look different, from the way of dressing to the way of hair. There are various aspects of the game where new stories reveal themselves. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will make it even more amazing and will attract many visitors with many exciting things.


The game is set in the tumultuous 1980s, where there are huge changes in both the form and the soul of a person. A company or city that is built on the land will change your mind. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action school that takes into account the growth of what the 1980s have changed in.

The game will be more competitive than other games because of its open world and unique mechanics. You can become the brightest point of the universe if you conquer the city where you live. To capture this place in the palm of your hand, use top-notch shooting talents and conquer the big.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City shows a special attraction in features and is unique in its character-building. Keeping up with today’s modern trends and the growth of new disruptive trends is what we do with graphic images that are constantly updated. A unique artistic mark is created by the characters in the game who are used in a very realistic simulator. There are a lot of lighting effects combined to create a complete game.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City HELI

Unique features that players can’t ignore are customizable drivers with modern sensors. A new and effective aiming size meter has been launched by the publisher, and a special feature is to personalize the modern shooting mode. Our character is saved from spending too much time shooting because of this modern application. Depending on the angle alignment, a custom kit will be used to take care of it.


In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the character’s personality is clearly shown, making the game more exciting and unique. If you play for a long time, you will get the correct feeling that you have enough time to accomplish your goals. Hundreds, thousands of hours of play are like that, but not boring, but also bring you excitement and attraction. Each level has a story that describes the good, the unique and doesn’t overlap with any other details.

Massive campaigns will leave players with a lot of things that no other campaign has. The vital point that characterizes the new ones of the 1980s is that the game integrates a lot of emotional elements. The characters in the new rotation will have new emotions to keep them entertained. The game becomes even more attractive by setting up unique graphic customization.

The exciting story structure of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has created a unique highlight for the players. The player can experience all this sophistication because the individual details are also thoroughly exploited. There are lessons included to reveal some aspects of this world. The lessons of this life can be captured if you join your friends to conquer the interesting and unique.


Third-party Mafia gangs attempt to kill you while you complete tasks. They will come with weapons and try to shoot you. It’s important to be careful with enemies because you hitpoints only a hundred. The third part of the mafia and cops are the only enemies you can have. Yeah, because they interrupted while you were completing the tasks. If you don’t kill cops, you will get one and more stars faster. There are many hidden scenarios, some of which appear in the boat.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 13


The player needs to know how to use the weapons well. There are lots of different types of weapons in the game. The player has to be well-versed in handling guns from the game. Many weapons are available, but you have to pay a lot of money for them. You can use all of the weapons that are available if you have money. Weapons are needed in some missions to destroy the place or defeat the mafia. A high damaging weapon is necessary for some tanker missions. It will be easier to complete the task if you are prepared.


In GTA Vice City MOD APK, you never need to buy vehicles. Weapons only you need to buy with using of money. From GTA Vice City, all cars and expensive cars run on the roadside. You go near of vehicle and click enter to steel the vehicle. Some vehicles stay in the parking area or near the building. Those are free to drive, and you never need permission to drive. GTA Vice City vehicles are very diverse to use. Just use all available vehicles to travel to all areas in Grand theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City 10

In the game, you don’t need to buy cars. You can only buy weapons with money. All expensive cars are parked on the side of the road in Vice City. You can enter to steel the vehicle by going near the vehicle. There are vehicles parked in the parking area near the building. Those are free to drive, and you don’t have to get permission to do so. There are a lot of different vehicles to use in the Vice City. All available vehicles should be used to travel to all areas in Grand theft auto.

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